What is the one thing that humans always wished they could do? That one thing would be take a picture in places that you once would have been able to. People have been skydiving, cave diving and doing wild sports for years now. You never had the opportunity to capture that moment as you were too busy focusing on what you are doing at the moment. One company wanted to change that and that one company is GoPro.

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GoPro is a camera and video recording device that is attached to a helmet on your head. Multiple settings are available on this camera. You can choose to either use an option that allows for you to take a photo every five seconds or you can choose to use the video feature which allows for you to take a nonstop video on the device. Though the quality behind these devices might not be exactly what you want, you’ll never be able to take a photo while your skydiving. The GoPro allows for you to do this and it is now by used by millions of people from all around the world.

As of right now there are three different models of the GoPro. There is the GoPro Hero 3+ White Edition which runs a price of $200, then there is the Hero 3+ Black Edition which is $400 and finally there is the Hero 3+ Silver Edition which is $300. The difference between these devices is the quality behind the video and picture quality. The black edition offers a 12Mp camera and 4k Video Recording, allowing for you take videos that are beyond regular HD. The Black Edition also offers a built in remote that you can use while you are performing these insane tasks. This allows for you to start a video, stop a video, change the mode which means you can go from video to photo. This is the most versatile GoPro available on the market.

GoPro has also openly come out and said that they are working on new models that will go beyond anything they have created before. There have been rumors that their new device will be able to fit on any piece of clothing, thus by allowing for users to get new angles of their footage. Regardless of which one of these models you choose to get, you’ll be able to take high quality videos and pictures without having to press a button.

You can purchase a GoPro from any well known electronics store or you can purchase the device directly from the GoPro website. When you go to the website you’ll find that they offer more products then they do in store, giving you more options with which GoPro you want to use.