There are dozens of different cameras available on the market right now. The majority of these cameras offer basic features that you don’t really need anymore. When you are buying a camera you want to make sure that they are DSLR Cameras in order to get the most out of your pictures. Sony, Nikon and Canon are by far the best developers of Cameras, each camera that they develop becomes better through new software, new internals and more.


Right now you can buy cameras that also offer the Android software of them. You can download applications through the cameras software. This in return allows for you to edit your photos, post them and share them all at the same time through one device. Sony is one of the few developers who have embraced this concept and you can now buy DSLR cameras from Sony that are built with the Android software.
This marks the future of cameras in the industry, if you can do everything in a matter of minutes directly from your camera it will make the users experience that much more convenient. One of the best cameras that you can purchase from Sony is the “Sony Alpha NEX3NLB”, it is a 16.1 MP Compact Camera that offers a 55-210MM Lens Kit. You can zoom into photos from long distances and still get detailed photos where the pixels don’t become blurry. The Sony Alpha has become so popular amongst professional photographers that Sony has branded this camera as the “Professional Photographers Dream Camera”.

Nikon on the other hand is the second best developer of Cameras in the market. They have been a part of the camera industry for more than a decade and they continue to innovate what they have to offer with internals that push the boundaries of what looks real. The best camera that Nikon has to offer right now is the “Nikon D800” is a 36.3 Mp Camera that is worth more than $3,000 when taxes are included. Taking a picture with this camera makes every photo detailed, vivid and crisp to the eye. When you take a video through this camera, you get full 1080HD video quality that resembles something out of a blockbuster movie. You will be hard pressed to find another camera that is as good as the D800 under Nikon’s name.

These are just two of the many cameras that are available on the market right now. Multiple options await you and there is a camera out there that directly suits your needs as a photographer. Regardless of which camera you buy from Nikon or Sony, the quality behind your photos will be impressive to any photographers. Go to your local Wal-Mart, Target, BestBuy or FutureShop to buy one of these devices.