Flickr is a new social photo sharing media service available to professional photographers and your average photographers. Loading up the homepage for Flickr instantly draws you into the photo sharing services they have to offer. You first notice that the photo sharing website allows for you to have a terabyte of saved photos at one day, each photo you post regardless of the camera your using will be in full resolution and all of Flickr’s services are available on your iOS or Android based mobile device.

Flickr logo

Registering an account with Flickr is easier than it has ever been before. You used to be required to create a Yahoo account in order to become a member of this photo sharing media service. All you have to do now in order to sign up with Flickr is link the service with your Facebook or Google Account. This essentially means that you can use the service in a matter of seconds and start your Flickr experience.

Everything that the desktop variant of Flickr has to offer is also available on the mobile variant of Flickr. You can choose to go directly to your Photo Stream which shows off all of the photos you have posted throughout your career as a Flickr user. When you want to view all of the photos that your friends have posted you will be able to do so by going to the activity section of the Flickr application. You will be hard pressed to find another social photo media service such as Flickr, it’s the very reason as to why Flickr has become so popular in such a short period of time.

Anyone of the photos that you happen to post of Flickr can be shared with your Facebook account, Twitter Account and Google Plus Account. This in return allows for you to share your new photo seamlessly across multiple social media accounts in a matter of seconds.

Flickr has continued to evolve the services they offer every month by making your photos easier to organize. They do this by offering the ability to create multiple folders for photos that you want to separate from one another. If you went on a vacation to Cuba and want those photos to be separate from photos you took near your home, you can so. This feature has become a fan favorite amongst their users and is used by the majority of professional photographers who use the service.

If you want to experience what Flickr truly is, you can do so by either downloading the mobile application through the App Store on the iPhone or iPad. You also can download the mobile application on Google’s Play Store. Lastly you can also choose to register an account directly through the desktop variant of Flickr.