There are hundreds of different mobile devices that a consumer can purchase. Unfortunately a lot of these mobile devices don’t give you the features, the software or the quality that you want. The one device that is known for offering multiple features, sleek but detailed software and a quality built device is the iPhone. The iPhone is made by Apple and offers something for everyone. You could be a gamer and find multiple games such as Grand Theft Auto on the device, you could be a music buff and find all the songs you want on iTunes, you can find multiple health related applications and if you’re a photographer you can find multiple applications that relate to editing your photos.


One of the reasons that photographers purposely use the iPhone is because the camera has a lot of quality behind it. There is a 8MP Camera with dual flash on the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5S. When you take a picture on the iPhone 5S and go to look at it in your pictures folder, you can’t help to be impressed by the immense amount of quality of the photo. Then comes the time when you want to edit your photos, this requires you to download an application that allows you to edit your photos. There are multiple applications on the iPhone that allow for you to do this such as iDarkRoom and Photoshop. The majority of these applications don’t offer a lot of features, normally only allowing you to crop your photos, change the filters, add captions and change the brightness.

The one application that allows for you to change up everything is Photoshop. The majority of you will have heard of Photoshop and know that with the software you can make an average into something magical by using a couple of the features that they have to offer. Photoshop is used by dozens of industries due to the immense amount of features offered. The mobile version of Photoshop costs $10 to use and allows for you to do anything with your photo.
The performance behind this application isn’t obtuse for any user, it is simple but detailed at the same time. You can control everything in the app by a tap of your finger. You can layer your photos without any lag, change the pixel dimensions, change the filters and do so much more with the application.

When you use Adobe Photoshop Touch you will get the most out of your iPhone Photography. The performance of your iPhone and Adobe Photoshop Touch interacts with one another fluently. You don’t have to worry about any lag with the application and this creates an experience like no other Photo Editing application could offer.