There is one video slot online that provides punters with massive progressive jackpot wins every month. That one video slot is called “Everybody’s Jackpot”, a video slot developed by Playtech. One gambler was able to win $355,669 while spinning the reels on this slot.

This stands as the tenth time that someone has triggered a progressive jackpot on Everybody’s Jackpot. This marks the second massive progressive jackpot to be won in a two week period of time. This helps shows that Everybody’s Jackpot is becoming more popular with each passing month. It’s only been nine months since the game was first released onto the online gambling market.

Playtech announced the tenth jackpot win through a statement, the statement read as follows: “Nine months later and we are still shocked by the immense amount of popularity gained with each passing month for Everybody’s Jackpot. The game continues to provide punters with life changing wins each month. I must tell you that being able to fly a punter down to our headquarters, hand them a check and see their faces light up. It brings great joy to everyone involved with the Playtech team.”

You can play Everybody’s Jackpot by registering an account with any online casino that offers the Playtech Software. You will find that any game you play from Playtech offers an exciting experience and profitable wins around every corner. You could even end up being the next big progressive jackpot winners, all you have to do is sign up with a casino and hope for the best.Playtech logo