Microgaming, one of the most beloved online casino software developers released information and a video preview for their new slot machine Terminator 2. Microgaming announced that this slot was being created more than two months ago and since then players have been asking for more information regarding this slot.


The reason for this is because Terminator 2 is the most popular installment in the franchise, it offers a unique storyline as well as intense moments through action scenes. Through the video clip you can see that one second the game emits a blue hue and then when you trigger a game feature it turns into a red hue, showing that the Terminator is now in the killing mode which results in more winning combinations for you.

Terminator 2 stands as a 5 reel, 243 Payline video slot that uses movie footage in order to make the experience more realistic for everyone involved. There is also a series of different game features you can choose from which includes bonus rounds, free spins and wilds.

Microgaming released a short statement regarding the release of this preview saying, “We hope that this preview gets players hearts racing. It’s always amazing to see our fans come together and talk with one another about a future slot were going to release. We look forward to seeing how players react towards this new video slot and hope they enjoy every bit of the experience we’re about to give them.”