This month brought an incredible amount of new promotions and tournaments to the table for online punters. At the beginning on the month Playtech announced a new tournament for their famed video slot “Everybody’s Jackpot”. This new tournament is being held at every online casino that offers the Playtech Software. One online punter has also cashed in on the tournament, winning a total of $264,926.

Everybody’s Jackpot provides a 5 reel, 6 payline slot brought to you by Playtech. This game comes loaded with game features which in return helps the punter win more money in the process. Players get to enjoy a maximum of twelve free spins, wilds and a special little bonus round. While spinning the reels you come across various symbols which includes a watch made of gold, the slots logo, a beautiful girl, poker symbols and more. The background which has been designed around the reels consists of a game show set, large lights, the same beautiful girl and much more. It makes for an incredible experience.

playtech logo

Playtech made a small statement regarding this punter winning the tournament saying, “This is the third tournament that we have had for Everybody’s Jackpot, the tournament is held at every casino that boasts our software and due to these tournaments this slot has been able to remain as one of our more popular. Everyday new punters play Everybody’s Jackpot due to its success or hearing about it from their friends or see it being promoted by a casino online. We congratulate this punter on winning the first part to this tournament and we hope you enjoy your new found money.”