Nokia is a long lasting supplier of mobile phones, they are famous for creating devices that are nearly impossible to break and those who wish to have an indestructible phone always chooses Nokia over any other supplier. Recently Nokia has also been able to gain a reputation for their camera’s on their phones. Last year Nokia debuted the Lumia 1020, it had a 32 Megapixel camera and allowed for users to take incredibly beautiful pictures right from their mobile phone.

Nokia 3310

Nokia received a large volume of feedback relating to the 1020 with their users asked that Nokia put a better camera in next year’s model but they also asked that this version also boast a new design that will allow for underwater pictures and an indestructible frame in case the user has to go take a picture in a dangerous location. Nokia heard the calls from their loyal fans and in return created the Nokia Lumia 3310, one of the strongest devices you will ever come across. The Nokia Lumia 3310 has a 41 Megapixel camera built into it, a three inch clear diamond display with a 1280 x 768 Resolution. This phone comes with 32 Gbs built into it which will allow for users to take a mass amount of pictures.

Nokia has yet to reveal as to when they device will be released, which cell phone service providers will be receiving this device or which colors it will come in. You can be ensured that Nokia will inform you of all of the details in the near future.