Nikon stands as one of the largest developers of digital cameras in the world, their only true competitor is Canon. Luckily for Nikon they just entered a new partnership with Adobe, the creators of Photoshop. Photoshop being a program that allows you to drastically change a picture in whichever way you please. Photoshop actually allows for you to start with a blank slate and create a masterpiece by the end of your session. Both Nikon and Adobe are now working alongside each other to create a new digital smart camera.

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This new camera will be considered smart camera which means that it’ll run on a smart phone software, specifically the Android 4.2 KitKat software. On top of that Adobe will be offering their full Photoshop program on this camera instead of their dubbed down mobile version of the program. This means that professional photographers will not only be able to take incredibly stunning photo’s but they will also be able to edit that photo to their hearts content and share it amongst all of their friends through their social media accounts. There have been smart camera in the past but none of them offered a full application store meaning that photographers couldn’t edit their photos. The introduction of this future camera is sure to be a major hit amongst professional photographers all across North America and Europe.

This future camera is rumored to have 50-Megapixel camera with a 16 Optical Zoom Lens. This will allow for photographers to take crystal clear pictures, regardless if the picture is at its full capacity with its optical zoom lens