Apple isn’t your average company as they don’t just cater to a select group of consumers. They instead cater to various cultures and people throughout the world. Apple does this with their Macbook Pro’s, Macbook Air, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Whenever a new iPhone hits the market millions of people around the globe flock to their local Apple Store and Phone Carrier in order to purchase the new device. Since the original iPhone released Apple has stood as the most powerful name in the mobile phone industry.

Macbook air

Today there has been a series of rumors floating around, a rumor that is backed by so much evidence that even Engadget reported on the story. This rumor being that the iPhone 6 will be the first iPhone since the iPhone 3GS to boost a truly new camera. Instead of offering the dubbed down 8 Mp Camera that everyone knows from the iPhone last four iPhones people will now be able to experience a brand new selfie taking experience with a 16 Mp Camera.
Many people don’t know but the majority of photos taken are from a mobile device, mainly from whatever iPhone you might own. This new camera would allow for professional photographers to finally get the quality photos they need through their mobile device, those who film videos for YouTube will be able to offer 4K Video and those who love taking selfies will be able to get every detail in one photo.

We will update you if this rumor is confirmed, it was thought that the iPhone 5S would offer a new camera. It seems that Apple has waited until the release of the iPhone 6.