Instagram is considered to be the world’s most popular photo social media platform. The majority of people’s photo’s go onto Instagram before any other platform. Due to the millions of users Instagram is trying to gain more of a following by releasing a new application designed for the average person with a phone and for those professional photographers looking for that extra boost in their creativity.


This new application is called Hyperlapse, an app that allows for people to take pictures which can then be reverted over to a time lapse video. This means that you could add a picture of your dog or cat when they were a baby, then continue to add more pictures of them growing up. Each picture will then move quickly which in return will allow for you to create a time lapse video. These videos will be able to be used for your animals, yourself from when you were a baby or certain projects you’ve been working on for a long period of time. The best thing about this application is that if your camera moves, the images won’t become blurry as the focus camera abilities on this application are top quality.

This doesn’t mean that the video will be flawless though as the pictures will still jump frame from frame. The only difference between regular time lapse videos and Hyperlapse is that the images continue to be crystal clear. It does give a fun experience that will begin to gain a following in a short period of time.