Last week a horrible event occurred in the capital of Canada. A terrorist working for ISIS took the life of one Canadian Soldier while trying to take the life of Prime Minster Harper, luckily this Islamic Extremist wasn’t able to take the life of our Prime Minister. While this man was making his way to Parliament Building he was filmed by one tourist who later quickly fled away from the building. Closer towards the War Memorial where this man made his first attack he had his picture taken by a tourist.

Canadian war memorial

In this picture you can see that this young man is holding his rifle with some sort of scarf masking the lower half of his face. You also notice that his eyes are locked on with this tourists camera which sends shivers down your spine as you how to wonder if he felt like pulling the trigger at the moment. This photo has now become famous around the world and has been showcased by media outlets all around the globe. Government Agencies will be using this photo and the video evidence filmed by the other tourist in order to find this man, have him charged with his crimes and then those agencies will be looking for other Islamic Extremists who threaten our way of life.

Prime Minister Harper has said that he will no longer allow for these acts of violence to occur and that Canada will be joining forces with the United States of America to fight ISIS.