Every year there are millions who wait for the brand new iPhone, this year those loyal fans got two new additions of the iPhone called the “iPhone 6” and the “iPhone 6+”. Unfortunately just as always both of these devices are far from being compatible with the likes of Samsung, Nokia or HTC. One of the major issues with the new iPhone 6 & 6+ is that their camera’s are far from being good what so ever. There are phones more than a year old that still hold a better camera than the iPhone 6.


The Nokia Lumia 1020, a phone that came out sixteen months ago was doomed from the day it was released but none the less it did offer some qualities that made the phone enjoyable. The frame was smooth but durable & the camera was forty one megapixels, the pictures it could take could rival the likes of some Sony Digital Camera’s. The iPhone 6 & 6+ only have an 8 Megapixel Camera that makes the images blurry and distorted when you zoom in upon them.

As a company that makes a billion plus dollars every year amongst all of their products you think that Apple would invest their money in order to develop a phone that truly could command the market entirely & sweep out all of its competition. There are many people who love the iOS8 Operating System but don’t want to spend all of their money on a device that isn’t worth remotely that kind of cash. This is why Apple needs to cater to all of their customers.