Google is a house hold name known across the globe for being the best search engine available on the internet. Google also competes in a variety of other marks such as advanced technology with “Google Glass”, creating laptops with “Google Chromebooks” or creating multiple mobile phones through Nexus & Samsung. Today it seems that Google is only expanding their growth in the mobile phone market as they’ve released a “Google Photo +” Application which is designed to solve any issues you might have while taking a video or picture.


This new photo application with stabilize your videos in order to ensure that if you are taking a shaky camera it’ll come out crystal clear without any movements. Alongside that you will also be able to edit your videos through a variety of different filters, it’ll allow for you to make the perfect video. As of right now this application is only available on Android based mobile devices but will be coming to iOS in the upcoming weeks. This app is sure to become popular amongst those who trust the Google Brand.

There are a number of applications that offer the same features but after viewing the format of this application & its abilities you’ll find that it’s experience its more intuitive than any other photo or video editing application on the market. Those wishing to download this app can do so if they have a Android based mobile device, those with an iPhone or iPad will have to wait till early on in January. We shall inform you if anything changes on the iOS Release Date of “Google Photo +”