Canada is a country unlike any other in the world. As a country they sustain free health care to each one of their citizens, as a country they don’t tax as much as the United States of America and as a country they are not nearly corrupt. Canada has never started a war but has only helped end wars, they have the most land space available in any country on the planet and their leader remains in office for decades. This is not because the country is corrupt but because the Prime Minister of Canada is trust worthy. Today it seems that these politicians are starting to gain the essence that Canadians hold dear to their values of old, this is why party leaders from the Conservatives to the Green Party are now using Tim Horton’s as the backdrop for their political campaigns.


Steven Harper during his last two campaigns made a special note to attend at least one Tim Hortons in each city on his campaign stop in order to help the customers receive their coffee or donuts. He’d also take the time to talk to these people, allowing for him to gain an essence of what the Canadian People want. It’s for this reason that Steven Harper continues to remain as the Prime Minster of Canada. As the next campaign for Prime Minister nears for Canada it’ll be interesting to see how many party leaders follow in the footsteps of what Steven Harper first did. Regardless there is a ninety percent chance that Prime Minister Harper will remain as just that, the prime minister.