Google is one of the largest companies in the globe, originally starting as a search engine they’ve been able to grow into one of the biggest mobile service provides in the globe. Today it was revealed by Google that their releasing a new photo application which will be called “Google Photo’s”. This new photo application is said to come with unlimited storage but unlimited always tends to have some hidden terms and conditions behind it.


None the less this new application will be making its way to all iOS, Android & Windows based mobile devices in the upcoming weeks while Google Plus will be removed from Android based devices. What is known about this service is that photos will be capped off at 16Mps leaving phones such as the HTC One M9 or Sony Xperia Z3. The video storing aspect of this app will be capped off at 1080p meaning that 4k Video won’t be able to be saved through this application.

It’s obvious that Google is planning on appealing to those with the more premium based Android devices, instead their catering to the mass majority with the mid-range devices. There is no word on if Google plans on upgrading the application for mobile devices with more intensive cameras. As of right now the amount of storage given is said to be unlimited but that’ll more than likely come with a fee & non-paying users will have a limited amount of Storage. For those who use SD Cards this application doesn’t make the difference what so ever.