Microsoft is planning to make its way back into our hearts in an incredible way. They are providing everyone in the globe with a free version of Windows 10. This’ll come across all personal computers running any version of Windows or Mac, it’ll also be coming to all Android phones as a second option for an operating system & it’ll also be coming to the Xbox One video game console. Today Microsoft noted that they plan to go beyond Nokia with their camera’s in future Windows 10 mobile phone devices.

Windows 10 Phone

This could mean revelations in the mobile phone market. The most powerful camera to ever be seen was on a Windows 8 phone, the Nokia Lumia 1080 had a 41.2 Megapixel camera and if Microsoft is planning to go beyond that then camera’s on our mobile devices could be more powerful than that of a DSLR Camera. Most likely megapixel wise Microsoft won’t be able to add that many more megapixels to the camera, they will on the other hand be able to add a variety of different lenses and sensors that’ll allow for more light to be captured within the photos or it’ll allow for contrast within each photo.

None the less this announcement has given photographers around the world something to look forward to. The day that mobile phones are able to support cameras as good as DSLR Camera’s is the day that photography will reach its peak. We will keep you informed as to when Microsoft plans on releasing their new mobile devices in the upcoming year.