Instagram has now become by far the most popular social media platform for posting photos. Unfortunately one of the key issues with this social media application was that users couldn’t post full size portrait or landscape pictures, instead they’d have to resort to using the square format or an application that’d create a white border to showcase their image. Overtime Instagram has gained millions of serious photographers which has caused for them to update the application. Users now have the ability to post full landscape or portrait pictures from their Instagram accounts.


Already this new feature has been praised by users who are truly into photography while those basic Instagram users on the other hand have begun to complain to the new feature, saying that the square format is far better. This is far from the case though as being able to view the full photo works best in situations where posting a photo of the Grand Canyon, Eiffel Tower, Victoria Falls or any other location which might require the full photo to be showcased.

Instagram has stated that they won’t be removing the feature though as photography enthusiasts have already praise this new feature, since this feature was built in for them it’ll surely be in the Instagram app for life. This new feature also applies to video, allowing for users to view the entire size of the video. This’ll truly be the aspect of this new update that’ll become beloved by all users in the upcoming months. Those wanting to try this feature now can do so!