Doctor Don Gutoski, a Canadian Physician was prowling the north of Canada in Churchill, Manitoba when he saw two foxes. This lead this man to taking the picture that’s been named “A Tale of Two Foxes”, this picture has won this physician the “2015 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award” at the Natural History Museum located in London, England. This is considered to be one of the more prestigious awards to be won as a photographer. Out of the 40,000 entries it was this picture that was won.

Doctor Don Gutoski

The picture consists of a red fox that is dragging the carcass of a white arctic fox. This one image alone hold more emotion than one could imagine. This red fox as well as Mr. Gutoski stood by as they saw a white arctic fox lying down on the ground dead. The red fox slowly approached it and for three hours the fox remained close to the body which eventually the red fox took the arctic fox to its den. The photographer expects that this red fox was saying its goodbye’s as it made no indication of trying to eat the carcass.

This picture has already been shared countless times throughout Social Media platforms. It’s a picture that tells a story in a second, a story that makes your heart ache and feel for this red fox who has just lost a friend. Hopefully this Wapusk National Park, Manitoba Red Fox is living a happy life with yet another friend as this picture was taken in November, 2014.