Instagram, an application made famous through professional photographers who’d use the application to showcase their stunning shots. This is no longer the case as photography is slowly become less of an elite club, those whom actually take photography as a form of a profession have begun to move over to other applications. Snapwire and EyeEm are two of the fastest growing apps for professional photography, the reasoning for this is because their photos can be sold via these apps for anywhere from $20 to $250.


The Found & CEO of Snapwire, Chad Newell has openly stated multiple times though that the sales on his platform are not yet enough to support a professional photographer. Instead it can act as a form of additional income but with the rapid sign ups with both Snapwire and EyeEm, it’s anticipated that this’ll change in a short period of time.

The iPhone & iPads is currently the only devices which support both of these professional photography applications. There is no word as to when they’ll make their way over to Android. This form of social media could prove to be beneficial for many as other companies such as Mercedes Benz, National Geographic and dozens of others will view over these applications in order to find new talent which could act as photographers for the company.

Instagram has yet to make any comments regarding their loss in popularity from pro-photographers, this is probably due to the fact that they don’t care as they make millions via the average user.