Being a photographer is a hobby for most, while for others it is a career. Those lucky enough to land a career in photography hope to work for a magazine, newspaper or online blog. No photographer could imagine being the full time photographer for a President of the USA. Pete Souza none the less has this dream job, he received it back in 2013 and ever since then he’s been photography one of the most famous presidents in history. 2015 has come to a close & due to this, Mr. Souza has released some of his favourite photo’s throughout this year via the President’s Instagram.

iPhone 6S

Normally Mr. Souza uses a Canon 5D Mark III to photograph the President. Other time’s he’ll use a Nikon, Sony or Leica camera. On the rare occasion he shall also take photos of the president via his iPhone, posting them onto his Instagram on the go to give fans of Obama an update on his daily activities. Some of the more notable photos he’s taken this year include a stunning dusk shot of the white house, lite up with exterior lights or the photo of the President’s desk in the oval office with the light shinning through the window ever so softly.

It’s evident as to why Mr. Souza was chosen for this position, his photography is astonishing to say the least. So much so that Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc. has shared & approved of the picture’s this young man has been able to take via an iPhone camera.

The iPhone 6S is currently available on all major broadband network carriers worldwide.