It’s not often that a photographer can make a major difference in the world, showcase a new light on it. Well one photographer by the name of Eric Lafforgue whom has spent years traveling the world, taking photos for well-known publications has been banned from North Korea. After being able to visit the country six times, shooting thousands of photos in the process he finally had enough of what he had seen. This caused for him to smuggle a secret hard drive containing images which would showcase the reality of what it’s like to live in this communist regime.

North Korean Government1

The North Korean Communist Government wishes for only photos which show the best of North Korea off to the rest of the world, unfortunately for the citizens in this country there is a limited supply of good in the country. There is mass poverty, starvation, the army frequents all cities in the country and there’s an overwhelming disturbance of love for the government from the citizens. One citizen was even quoted saying “Even though we starve, we still hold venerate for our deal leaders.” Apparently she got emotional while talking & cried tears of happiness.

Mr. Lafforgue photographed all of these events, some of them beyond imposing of the reality in the country. Needless to say North Korean Government Officials weren’t pleased with what they saw online, when Eric was asked to remove the photos he refused which in turn has caused for his ban in North Korea. Mr. Lafforgue has been quoted saying that he is more than pleased with his decision to release these photos online.