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Google Photo App

Google is a house hold name known across the globe for being the best search engine available on the internet. Google also competes in a variety of other marks such as advanced technology with “Google Glass”, creating laptops with “Google… Continue Reading →

iPhone 6 Camera

Every year there are millions who wait for the brand new iPhone, this year those loyal fans got two new additions of the iPhone called the “iPhone 6” and the “iPhone 6+”. Unfortunately just as always both of these devices… Continue Reading →

Image of War Memorial Gunman

Last week a horrible event occurred in the capital of Canada. A terrorist working for ISIS took the life of one Canadian Soldier while trying to take the life of Prime Minster Harper, luckily this Islamic Extremist wasn’t able to… Continue Reading →

Jennifer Lawrence

A month ago Jennifer Lawrence, a star famous for her roles in The Hunger Games and American Hustle was embarrassed greatly as she had a wide array of naked photos from her iCloud Account released to the public. A total… Continue Reading →


Instagram is considered to be the world’s most popular photo social media platform. The majority of people’s photo’s go onto Instagram before any other platform. Due to the millions of users Instagram is trying to gain more of a following… Continue Reading →

GoPro Hero 4

The GoPro Camera’s have quickly gained a massive following that is used by anyone who wishes to record their adventures. The lightweight, durable and strong device is amazing for those who wish to record their adventures as it’s nearly impossible… Continue Reading →

Apple To Offer 16 MP Camera With iPhone 6

Apple isn’t your average company as they don’t just cater to a select group of consumers. They instead cater to various cultures and people throughout the world. Apple does this with their Macbook Pro’s, Macbook Air, iPhone, iPad and iPod… Continue Reading →

Adobe & Nikon Team Up For Future Camera

Nikon stands as one of the largest developers of digital cameras in the world, their only true competitor is Canon. Luckily for Nikon they just entered a new partnership with Adobe, the creators of Photoshop. Photoshop being a program that… Continue Reading →

Nokia 3310

Nokia is a long lasting supplier of mobile phones, they are famous for creating devices that are nearly impossible to break and those who wish to have an indestructible phone always chooses Nokia over any other supplier. Recently Nokia has… Continue Reading →

iPhone Photography

Everyone loves to take pictures, you can capture a moment that you otherwise would forget on your mobile phone or camera. These pictures just don’t allow for us to see something beautiful, they let us recall upon a moment in… Continue Reading →

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