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Photographer Banned from North Korea

It’s not often that a photographer can make a major difference in the world, showcase a new light on it. Well one photographer by the name of Eric Lafforgue whom has spent years traveling the world, taking photos for well-known… Continue Reading →

Presidential Photographer Releases 2015’s Best Photos

Being a photographer is a hobby for most, while for others it is a career. Those lucky enough to land a career in photography hope to work for a magazine, newspaper or online blog. No photographer could imagine being the… Continue Reading →

Instagram Loses Professional Popularity

Instagram, an application made famous through professional photographers who’d use the application to showcase their stunning shots. This is no longer the case as photography is slowly become less of an elite club, those whom actually take photography as a… Continue Reading →

Canadian Physician Wins 2015 Wildlife Photographer

Doctor Don Gutoski, a Canadian Physician was prowling the north of Canada in Churchill, Manitoba when he saw two foxes. This lead this man to taking the picture that’s been named “A Tale of Two Foxes”, this picture has won… Continue Reading →

IPhone 6s Camera Increased

Major revelations in the mobile photography market has changed. Even though Android based phone’s go as far as 24.2 Megapixels, the iPhone camera has never exceeded more than 8 Megapixels until now. It was revealed at the Apple Keynote Press… Continue Reading →

Portrait and Landscape Mode Added to Instagram

Instagram has now become by far the most popular social media platform for posting photos. Unfortunately one of the key issues with this social media application was that users couldn’t post full size portrait or landscape pictures, instead they’d have… Continue Reading →

Nikon Taking Camera’s to Another Level

Nikon is considered to be one of the best companies in terms of developing cameras. This has been the case for the last two decades but it seems that with constant advancements in technology Nikon is looking to defeat the… Continue Reading →

Windows 10 Phone’s to go beyond Nokia

Microsoft is planning to make its way back into our hearts in an incredible way. They are providing everyone in the globe with a free version of Windows 10. This’ll come across all personal computers running any version of Windows… Continue Reading →

Google Releases New Photo Application –

Google is one of the largest companies in the globe, originally starting as a search engine they’ve been able to grow into one of the biggest mobile service provides in the globe. Today it was revealed by Google that their… Continue Reading →

Canadian Political Campaigns

Canada is a country unlike any other in the world. As a country they sustain free health care to each one of their citizens, as a country they don’t tax as much as the United States of America and as… Continue Reading →

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