Instagram is one of the most popular photo and video sharing applications on the iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Android Tablets. Used by millions of people everyday your feed is filled with photos that your friends post. The application gives you the chance to share photos that you post such as seflies, nature shots, animal shots and more. Each photo that you post can be edited through a variety of features offered by Instagram. You can change the lighting in the photo, you can change the filters, you can change the rotation of the photo and so much more.

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Instagram just doesn’t offer photo sharing to their users. Instagram also offers their users the chance to post a 15 second video on their feed. This feature was added after Twitter made a mobile application called “Vine”, Vine gives you the chance to post a seven second video that can be edited through various methods. Instagram has been able to compete on the same level as Vine.

Instagram has also offers another feature that their users can use, this feature resembles another photo sharing application called “Snapchat”. When you want to share a photo but keep it private from your main feed, you can send the photo directly to a friend through “Instagram Direct”. Unlike Snapchat though the photo that you send directly to your friend will be available to be seen forever, so make sure you trust that friend before you send them anything private.

Instagram has become so popular amongst mobile phone users that famous movie stars such as Samuel L. Jackson, Zachary Levi, Judd Aptow and more also use the service. They post pictures on the daily to their loyal fans, giving you a better insight on how the stars live. This is one of the reasons as to why Instagram is so popular today.

You also can explore other pictures and videos through the “Explore” option on Instagram. This allows for you to find new content to view and new users to follow. Any picture or video that you post or like can be shared through other social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more. Another key feature used by the majority of users is the location feature. This allows you to categorize your photos by where you took them, if you take the majority of your photos in one location they will all be kept in one section. If you are out and about on vacation, take a picture and post it. That photo will be left in that location section, thus by allowing for you to get to key photos in a short period of time.

Instagram is the best photo social media application available on the iPhone, iPad and Android software’s. It should be used by anyone who enjoys social media.