is a social media website that focuses on their users sharing photos amongst their friends. It is mainly used by professional photographers who want to get their photographs on the scene and known to the art community. Tumblr is known for being one of the best visual blogs on the internet, each post made can only use a certain amount of text which makes the service clean and simple looking. The social media website is also free to all users, thus by making it open to anyone who is looking to become a well known photographer.

Tumblr logo

When you first come to this website and go to register an account, you will be put through a process required by the website. First you will have to enter your real email address, as you will be sent an email that has a link you must click on in order to confirm your account. You will then be giving the option to put down your desired blog name and if that name is already taken, a name similiar to that one will be offered to you. That will allow for your account to be created, Tumblr will then suggest to you that you post a profile picture for your account and post your first picture onto the photo social media blog.

Every post that you make on Tumblr has a few options at hand for you. You can share that photo through a variety of other social media services which includes Facebook and Twitter. This in return allows for you to show all of your friends your new photo in a matter of seconds.

There are other websites that have tried to do the same thing at Tumblr. One of those websites and Posterous, unfortunately the difference between Posterous and Tumblr is that Posterous is harder to use. It will take awhile for you to learn how to use Posterous but when it comes to Tumblr, you know how to use the service without having to actually learn how to use it. Editing, posting and sharing your photos has never been easier and it’s for that exact reason that Tumblr has become the most popular social media photo blogging website on the internet.

If you want to get the most out of posting your photos in a social media environment then Tumblr is the service for you. The website is designed for people who are more visual and artistic by nature. You can’t help but to feel that true art resides on this website to be seen by millions. Register an account with the website, post your first photo and take one step closer to becoming a professional photographer.