Photography, which in definition is the art and creation of images as described at Wikipedia, appeals to a large selection of people and many tries to win the competitions and a lot fails. There are a few know how secrets to winning and to win a contest or to let your picture be admired by the world as a work of art. It might be important to first study up on the “know how’s”.

The first step is all about how to select the completion, read up on the competition as there are various to choose from, some are set on beginners, large competitions and the smaller ones. Pick your favorite and if you are confident that you stand a chance, make sure you understand the rules and the expectancies. To find more competitions, online is your best option with keywords such as photography competitions – specify the year and also search photo contest. To win a contest, starts from understanding the rules, the conditions and the requirements. The competition rules will give the topic, size and pixel requirements and it is suggested that entry should follow once you have read up on the competition itself, previous winners and look at the winners of the last few years. Most important is to choose the best photo’s according to the requirements and look at visitor’s judgments and pictures liked from previous contests. The judges are looking for a photo that is unique, extraordinary or just special and contestants does not have to worry that their picture is not perfect enough. Talent does not always equal fantastic photos and it all depends on the moment, perfect pictures is normally based on the timing of the photographer. Keep your camera close as sometimes the perfect moment presents itself in places you least expect.

Keep the competition fresh in your mind and look for improvements, they might be easier to find than you expect. Keep on the lookout for the best photo to suit the theme of the competition and take a few that meets the requirements. Add your imagination and flair to each photo to make it unique. Photos should also provoke the correct emotions, capture moments that is sure to impress the judges and the viewers. Focus on unique situations and capture the requested theme in a whole new unique “you”way. With a large variety of competitions based on the votes of visitor, don’t wait too long before you send in your entry. Check that it does appear online, if those are the rules of the competition and then market yourself. Get your family, friends and acquaintances to vote online. Promote your photo on social networks such as twitter and Facebook and get people to vote for your chosen photo. On Facebook you could ask all your friends to vote and to get their friends to vote at the same time.

The more your friends shares the picture the more attention it will receive on the site and the better your chance of getting top votes are. So get your winning photo as early as possible in the competition and then start promoting it. You can enjoy other forms of still photography in many different venues of entertainment. One of those is through online slots, which use such pictures, often with special branded slots. is one who promotes this type of entertainment and recently posted an article about a number of such games titled The Reason behind Still Photography in Pokies. Be sure to view and read this article as it may open up some great opportunities for you in numerous ways.